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Product Overview


akaCoola is an Air Conditioner (AC) automatic device which is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). akaCoola delivers a better sleep experience by controlling your AC according to your circadian rhythm.

The akaCoola set includes 1 Hub and several Spokes attached to the AC unit (the number of Spokes depends on your AC unit)

Made for
urban living.

1. Led light meaning:

Blue: pairing
Green: running

2. AI: actively caculate yourprefered environment and control your AC acccordingly


Designed for
high performance.

1. Sensors: temperature, light, humidity

2. Led light meaning:

Blue: pairing
Red: low battery

3. IR reader: learn your preference every time you change AC control

4. IR sender: to control your AC


We design products that Inspire you

akaCoola is the smartest AC unit available.
By utilizing the latest integrated AI technology and it’s outstanding features, akaCoola can do what other products on the market can’t.

Cutting-Edge AI
  • Geo-Based Control: Automatically turns on/off the AC when you come home or leave the house.
  • Control without a Remote: Follows and senses human circadian rhythm to optimize comfort.
  • Backed by Sleep Science: akaCoola knows which temperatures are suitable for a better sleep, based on studies of the human circadian rhythm.
Energy Efficient
  • Operates AC with a small amplitude
  • For instant cooling, akaCoola starts from 28°C (82°F) and gradually decreases, instead of sitting at a fixed 25°C (77°F)
  • Reduces AC energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Notifies you when you need to clean your AC, for better energy consumption.
  • Based on practical scientific studies and the user’s data (name, age, gender, race, etc) akaCoola is able to determine the appropriate temperature at each time of day for each individual.
Universal Comfort
  • Records and synchronizes the user’s habits onto a platform to make you feel at home, wherever you are
Elegance and
associated in a device
Better function with lower cost (from only $2.7 per month)
Compact device made from wood
Replacement guarantee for subscription users
The only device on the market that is circadian adapted & synchronize to user’s habits
Centralized multi - Acs control
Significant energy savings

How it works

akaCoola system's components include Hub, Spokes and Mobile App for
users or facility owners.


Attached to air-conditioners (ACs), can be placed in different locations then connect, synchronize and exchange information via akaMind - FPT Software's IoT Platform.


Powered with AI technology, will automatically calculate users' preferred environment and control the AC.

Mobile app for user or facility owner

akaCoola users and facility owners are enabled to monitor and control the whole system with an easy-to-use mobile app.


Start a free trial now, pick your plan later

Monthly Subscription

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1 Month

$ 3 / MO
0% Discount

3 Months

$ 2.85 / MO
5% Discount

6 Months

$ 2.79 / MO
7% Discount

12 Months

$ 2.7 / MO
10% Discount

Device Ownership

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$ 44 / set

1 SET: 1 HUB + 1 SPOKE
(Additional spokes: 24$/each)

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